Thursday, August 14, 2014

Yoga Girl Challenge

So yesterday at the end of my blog post I briefly mentioned that I am participating in The Yoga Girl Challenge put on by Rachel Brathen. I feel like maybe I should give a better explanation in case some of you would like to join in. You could always start a few days later or whenever you feel inspired.

Below is a list of the themes for the twenty-one days of the challenge. Today is day two--meditate.

21 Day Yoga Girl Challenge

Rachel Brathen is one of those celebrity yoga babes that are popping up everywhere. I discovered her through Instagram and I think she has the most online presence there. These challenges have become pretty popular too. I've seen the 30 day photography challenge, a selfie challenge and even a Fall check- list challenge. All of them sound pretty fun to me but this yoga challenge is the first one I have committed to. If you want to play along, you could check in at Rachel's Facebook page on the daily for her short explanation of the days theme. 

Mark and I will be heading out on a road trip on day #17, so the last couple of days may be challenging but I plan to keep at it. I also want to take a photo for Instagram on the days I can. If you want to follow along and see my pics, you can find me on Instagram as lmj14. Below is today's snap of meditation. 

Day 2 Yoga Girl Challenge: Meditate

So, I hope a few of you will join in or start up in your own time. I would love to see some pics!

~ Love & Light ~

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