Friday, August 22, 2014

Tactile Boards: Exploration #29

I haven't posted an assignment from the book How To Be An Explorer Of The World: Portable Life Art Museum by Keri Smith since May! And although you guys have had a nice long break from subjection to my art, I have actually been working on task #29 all along, slowly but surely.

Exploration #29


Collect materials based on texture. Glue the textures to a sheet of paper or cardboard. Invite people to close their eyes and guess what the different materials are. Experiment by touching the boards with different parts of your body (such as your cheek or elbow). Source: Bruno Munari

My board is BIG so it took a set of photos and one video before I felt like I kind of captured how it looks.

Exploration #29: Tactile Board 

I'm not sure why this project became so time consuming. I was really picky about the materials I used (What? You can't tell?) and maybe I shouldn't have used such a huge piece of cardboard. You know, even just doing simple art projects like this one--you get really into it, you know? I mean, I was like having moments where I would think, "Oh, yeah...this is profound...the monopoly men with the word love popping out above them... to me that is about our love of money and possessions, but then raining down next to them are the pumpkin seeds that represent the natural world and how the line between these two things is being blurred--with GMO's, factory farming--it's greed. Or take the heart. It is made with bubble wrap because sometimes our hearts feel full and other times deflated. Everything in this tactile board has meaning to me, so I took this project a step further than just a tactile board. I did an interpretive abstract, so maybe that will make up for a few of those projects where I didn't really put myself fully into the work ;)  

Okay, that's all for now. I'm off to enjoy the weekend. 

~ Love & Light ~

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