Monday, November 18, 2013

Yoga For Holiday Stress

You don't have to bend like a pretzel to do yoga. Seriously! You also don't have to practice everyday. I mean, I'm pretty sure a lot of you only play football once a year on Thanksgiving Day, but it's still fun right? You can keep a few easy yoga poses in your back pocket for those extra stressful times during the year. Exhausted from gift shopping? Hosting one too many Holiday parties? Stop. Take a yoga break. Pull yourself together. Breathe.

The following video with Karen Fabian is an easy set of poses to help you de-stress through the holidays. Do yourself a favor over the coming months and make time to take care of yourself. Drinking plenty of water, short meditation sessions, adequate sleep, and some yoga are really simple, yet majorly beneficial things we can pencil into our schedule. 

This blog post was brought to you by a brunette. Yep, I've changed it up again for the winter season. I'll include a selfie in my next exploration post. Until the next time!

~ Love & Light ~

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