Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Collecting Type: Exploration #13

Lucky exploration #13 from the book, How To Be An Explorer Of The World: Portable Art Life Museum by Keri Smith is called Collecting Type.

Exploration #13


Document lettering you find out in the world. Take notes about where you found the samples.

I headed to the square in Oz. There I found many different types of fun lettering. The following photos were taken on either Church or 2nd street.

The pole in front of the spot I parked is decorated with pine garland and red bows. I took a shot of the attached sign.

A sign still remains from the Christmas open house earlier this month. I really like the lettering on this one.

The High Falootin lettering makes me think about oompa loompas.

I'm a big fan of this OPEN sign. Love the colors, lettering, and the fans on either side.

Groovy plaque.

I can imagine that a house built from start to finish by the Amish would be a pretty kick ass house.

A lovely store, but this lettering is not my favorite.

The blue lettering in this Smoke Free Missouri poster totally has a 90's vibe.

I would expect to see this type of lettering on the entrance to a tattoo parlor, not a pastry shop. Cute.

This is just random and a bit disturbing. I know it's a song, but what it has to do with the shop is unclear?

Love the Retro Politan lettering. I am looking for a new salon...hmmhm.

The painted sign on the side of Mr. Dry Cleaners facing Church street gives a comfy old fashioned vibe.

Nice lettering at 2nd Street Coffee.

In this photo you can see ornaments hanging from the ceiling that have sheet music on them. Cool idea.

The Persimmon Tree is my favorite shop name downtown.

Funny story. My bestie, Alicia, told me that Ben's was originally called Ben's Happy Place, BUT Ben was not happy at all. As a matter of fact he was downright grumpy and even rude. Thus, the name was changed to Ben's On The Square. 

In yesterday's post I had mentioned that I've gone back to brunette for the winter months and would include a selfie for you to see. 

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I recently fell in love with a movie I watched on Netflix called Last Keepers. It is 100% my kind of movie. If you are into nature magic or the Goddess you would totally appreciate it. Here is the trailer for interested parties. 

~ Love & Light ~

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