Sunday, October 20, 2013

Experience Log: Exploration #2

I'm going to try really hard to post all of my assignments from the book How To Be An Explorer Of The World: Portable Art Life Museum by Keri Smith, no matter how simple or time consuming they are. It's my lame version of Julia and Julia.

Yesterday I completed the second exploration. It was slightly more involved than the first, but still very easy. I'm hoping some of you will do it too and submit your results in the comments section below.

Exploration #2:


Make a list of things that you notice on your travels or experiences you have. They could be very brief notes including location, time, date, etc.

Leanne's Experience Collection

I waited in the car for a few minutes while Mark ran into an office building to run an errand. I had no plans to go anyplace else that day, so I took the opportunity to do the assignment. The sketch is my view from inside the car. I'm hoping that over the weekend some of you will take a few minutes to make an experience log too. I'd really enjoy seeing through your eyes and I'm sure the other readers would as well. That's all for today!

Every experience is unrepeatable. -Italo Calvino

~ Love & Light ~

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