Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yoga Belly

It looks like I finally have a yoga studio to practice at that is close to my house! After struggling to stay committed to the drive to Springfield on a regular basis and my teacher moving locations again, I decided to look to my own backyard for a solution.

I googled "yoga studios Ozark MO" not expecting to find anything. What popped up was a pleasant surprise. Located in the Every Body Pilates  building at 700 N 22nd st. in Ozark is Yoga Belly. Yoga Belly? That's an interesting name, I thought, and after reading about the instructor, Jill Michaels, it made perfect sense. Along with being a yoga teacher, Jill has been a dietician for almost 20 years. In addition to group and private yoga sessions, she also offers one-on-one nutritional counseling and cooking classes. You can read her full story HERE.

Yoga Belly shares space with Every Body Pilates 700 N 22nd st. Ozark, MO. 

I had a good feeling about Jill after spending time reading about her and looking at her blog. When I arrived for class, I was pleased with the studio space and how clean and inviting it felt. Since Jill shares the space with a pilates business, it doesn't have the spiritual decor I am used to seeing in a yoga studio. Pilates equipment is lined up against a wall and exercise balls are randomly positioned on the floor. The floor itself though, is the nice faux hardwood that is a little springy. The studio I practiced at in KC had this type of floor and I really like it. So who cares if a big Om symbol or Namaste' aren't painted on any of the walls? I can live without those things, right?

Jill lit two candles and placed one on either side of her mat at the head of the class. She led us through a  relaxing one hour class that I really enjoyed. About ten students were there and we had more than enough space. After class Jill even served some hot tea she had brought to share. I got the impression that she is well versed in anatomy and I felt I could trust her to make sure I was safe in every asana. She has been practicing yoga for six years now and conveys a real attitude of concern for her students happiness and growth. 

Jill Michaels of Yoga Belly

I plan to attend my second class tomorrow morning, and although I intend to do most of my yoga at my home studio, I look forward to having a place to go for inspiration and to connect with others a few times a week. If you are in the Ozark area and have an interest in yoga, contact Jill and she will help you find a class to suit your needs. 

~ Love & Light ~

Yoga Belly 
700 N 22nd st.
Ozark, MO. 65721

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