Monday, September 22, 2014

Mabon Monday

Happy Mabon, everyone! It is a GORGEOUS day here in Oz. One of those days with just the right amount of breeze, the perfect temperature and lots of sunshine! Penny and I started the morning off relaxing in the sun and reading a book.

Penny enjoying the view.

We had a great weekend here at Chigger Chalet and now the house is properly dressed for Autumn. My favorite is the fireplace mantel.

Mantel dressed for Fall.

The dreamcatcher was made by a Native American at the Taos Pueblo. The center is a turquoise bear, the dark hair is from buffalo and the red hair in the center is horse hair dyed with plant material. We haven't decided where we want to put it yet, (we have a very special one in our room already) so for now it is going to stay there. 

Dreamcatcher from the Taos Pueblo.

I'm keeping this one short today, it is just too beautiful to be strapped to the laptop. I'll close by reminding everyone about the fall festival at Rutledge-Wilson Farm happening now through October 26th. I am hoping to go with my little nieces when they come to visit in October. The photo below is a screen shot from my phone, but it works! :) 

~ Love & Light ~

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