Monday, June 16, 2014

The Other Side Of The River

The weather on Saturday evening was beautiful. Warm but not too warm and a perfect breeze. Mark and I decided to take a walk at the Finley River Park...the other side of the river.

From the park side you can see the docks on the water (click photos to enlarge).

Mark climbed out on the leaning tree to get a better look.

The bridge and the mill.

The park. It's actually really big and has baseball fields, a rodeo arena, picnic areas with grills and fishing spots. 

A couple out for a sunset float.

We are usually looking toward the east at sunset, so it was nice to see the light from the setting sun to the west shining on the water.

The river is home to many geese. I had fun taking pictures of this family play in the fading sunlight.

High up on the cliff, if you really look, you can see the back windows at Chigger Chalet peeking through the tree canopy. 

Look at all of those lily pads! At night the bull frogs begin to croak, and in the late night hours the owls begin to hoot and hunt for frogs and fish. 

It must be mushroom season. I have been seeing them everywhere.

TOOT! TOOT! Ship it on the Frisco! The red caboose is the first thing you see when you drive into the park.

Heading back to the car we noticed some graffiti and headed over for a closer look. 

Typical of the magical land of Oz, even the graffiti is PG. 

And that concludes our journey to the other side of the river. Don't forget Saturday the 28th of this month, will be the fireworks show at the park around 9:30. Our show is just as good if not better than the Fire Fall show in Springfield, and you don't have the crazy traffic to contend with either!

~ Love & Light ~

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