Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nesting Part 3 (And A Few Other Things)

The last time I posted I believe we had 4 eggs in the bucket nest on the back deck. I think it was the day after that post that I was out there looking at the river when I noticed she had added a 5th egg to the tribe.

Five mini eggs in a bucket.

Today my youngest sister, Dallis, and I went out to see the eggs and three of them had hatched! One is larger than the other two and they look like they are only a day or two old. If I sang and whistled at them they opened their tiny beaks ready for food! They are so new that they are still having a time lifting their heads up on their tiny necks, but I assure you they are alive. Maybe by the weekend the other two will have hatched? 

Brand new baby birdies.

I'm still nesting too! We have had a busy week but Mark did get started painting the nursery and plans to finish it tonight. This is exciting for me because then I can get the artwork up and start shopping for furniture. 

Doing the trim. 

I chose an HGTV shade called Steely Gray.

Dallis is staying with us while our mom is in Europe, and today we went thrift shopping. It was a lucky day at the Goodwill and we found a handful of treasures.

Me and Dallis (pregnancy insomnia is real folks! Excuse my tired eyes.)

Below is a shot of the goodies we came away with. I loved that metal globe (it spins!) and thought it would be perfect for Mark's office (6 dollars). The candles are Gap and smell super yummy. I'll save them to bring out during the holiday season (2 dollars each). The oil burner is for Dallis. It is soapstone from India and after I cleaned the spilled wax from it, it is good as new (1 dollar)! My favorite has to be the wooden spoons. I'm a sucker for wooden kitchen utensils and these are unique with the wood burned detailing in the handles (1 dollar each).

Treasures from the Goodwill thrift store.

I feel like I have been so lucky with this pregnancy. Very few symptoms and I just feel great! This heat on the other hand makes it hard for me to get out and work in the yard. I am hoping for an unusually cool day so I can get out and pull the weeds from my herb and flower beds. They are getting pretty scraggly looking. The tomato plants are producing their first green fruits and soon we will be awash in tomato! At least we planted something this year! 

I'll leave you with a belly picture. Nineteen weeks tomorrow. I really need to start having Mark take these pics because the mirror I use is possessed by a ghost and super cloudy. Next time. For sure. 

Nineteen weeks.

~ Love & Light ~

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