Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Travel History: Exploration #30

Today I bring you exploration #30 from the book How To Be An Explorer Of The World: Portable Art Life Museum by Keri Smith. For those of you new to No Place Like Home (or NPLH as I often call it), I have been working my way through the explorations in this book since October of 2012. I made a commitment to do them all, and I'm sticking to it.

Exploration #30


Collect objects that tell a story of your travels. Document where you found each object.

For this assignment I focused on several of the big trips that Mark and I have taken since 2012. If I tried to do all of my travels we would be here all day (I'm very sentimental and most of the things in my house are things I've gathered while adventuring). To begin I have included a photo as a visual aide.

1. Paddington Bear is from a shopping district in London on the famous Portobello Road.
2. The candle jar is from a Moroccan shop in London.
3. The Hanuman murti (deity statue)  is from the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in New Mexico.
4. The pyramid lamp is from a little shop in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It is really neat. It plugs into a laptop and changes colors. 
5. The amethyst stone we picked up at a gem gallery in Taos.
6. A magnet from White Sands National Park in Alamogordo, NM.
7. A Kachina figure from a shop in NM.
8. Wand of mountain sage from the Taos Pueblo.
9. National Parks passport book was a token from the gift shop at White Sands.
10. The dream catcher is also from the Taos Pueblo.
11. A magnet from a street stand in Paris. 
12. A magnet from a shop in London.
13. A leather journal from a metaphysical shop in Albuquerque, NM. It has an image of Ganesha on the cover.
14. A Portobello Road magnet.
15. A miniature snow globe from Washington D.C.
16. An ancient ocean fossil from a gem gallery in Taos.
17. A New Mexico magnet
18. A silver ring from Silver City, NM.
19. A magnet from the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA. 
20. A magnet from Chicago. 
21. A magnet from Colorado.

In retrospect, including the magnets in this project might have been a lousy idea. But there it is. It's clear I like to buy souvenirs in New Mexico too. What can I say? New Mexico is best. 

I hope this assignment wasn't too dull. I thought it would be more exciting to put together until I realized most of the things I buy when traveling are clothing or body products like lotions and lip balm or candles and food. I like to experience a place while I'm there and not necessarily hunt for things to bring home (hence the magnets...they're easy). 

I hope all of you are warm and cozy. It finally got cold around here. Now let's see if we get that snow they are talking about this weekend! 

~ Love & Light ~

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