Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Settling Into Thirty Five

On October 30th I turned thirty five years old. Thirty five. A milestone if I do say so myself. Well into my adult years and really embracing the idea of putting down roots (a previously almost foreign concept to a self proclaimed gypsy such as myself). But here I am, living not even 10 miles from the very hospital I was born in, happily married (also a previously foreign concept to a self proclaimed free spirit such as myself) and embracing life in the Ozarks. Thirty Five is good. Life is good. 

Mark gave me a really beautiful rose quartz crystal lamp on my birthday. Isn't it lovely?

And a groovy electric stove for our bedroom. It makes things so cozy and toasty and the glow of the "fire" gives the room a nice ambiance.

While I am playing show and tell with my new toys, I want to show you the oil diffuser we bought last night. I have been talking about buying a diffuser FOREVER! The problem is that I was caught up in reading tons of reviews and doing price comparisons and was making the decision really difficult. I decided to bite the bullet and just bought a well priced one from MaMa Jeans because it is pretty. Yep, after several years of fretting over which diffuser to buy so that I could get the best quality and a good bargain I bought one because it looks pretty. I really love it and the house smells amazing. It runs for four hours (or until the water runs dry) and it only cost 40 dollars. The brand is Spa Glow by Greenair if you are interested. 

I realized the other day that I haven't posted a video of the river in quite awhile. Here is what my world looks like right now...

I love this time of year so much. The river is high, the leaves are falling on its surface to be carried away, the sunlight seems to cast a golden spell over everything and the giant snowflake lights have been hung from the street lamp poles in town. It's perfect.

Before I head off to yoga class I want to mention a show that has been on for a billion years that Mark and I have just discovered on Netflix. It is called Parenthood and it is my new favorite ( I just found out last night that Witches Of East End won't be renewed for a third season--so the position was open). You don't have to have kids to enjoy this one but you might need a box of tissues for every single episode. I highly recommend it if you are looking for an awesome series to get into. I think they are on their last season in real time but it will be awhile before I get caught up. I think my sister said it has six seasons and Mark and I are just now starting the second one. 

~ Love & Light ~

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