Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Delving Into The Photo Roll

I've come to find that sometimes the easiest way to give an update about what has been going on in my life is to just open my camera roll and scroll through it.

31 weeks pregnant

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably already seen the pics from the little photo shoot Mark and I did on our back deck last week. Here they are again for those of you who only read the blog. 

We are having a professional photo shoot taken tomorrow, but I liked these casual no make-up hanging around the house shots too.

Several weeks ago I saw a fox at the end of our road near the edge of the forest. I thought this was the coolest thing and have been hoping to see him again. Last week I walked out the front door to run an errand and there he was again; right across the street! He paused when he saw me and we held each others gaze for a few seconds before he ducked into the storm water tunnel near the road. I creeped over hoping to see him emerge but he was long gone down the tunnel. I'm happy we met again.

Fox tunnel.

Speaking of foxes, this past Saturday was the baby shower. As you might know, the nursery is woodland themed, so Alicia went with that for the shower too. Lots of fox decor and gifts! 

Devil's Tower, Wyoming 

The cake was a tree stump but it totally reminded me of Devil's Tower in Wyoming! I loved it. 

And I must say the diaper cake was the best one I've ever seen! The fox on top is wearing a tie with a fox on it and you can see an invite on the table...more foxes! 

I didn't really take any photos because I was busy enjoying myself. My sister took quite a few, so I'm sure I'll have more to share later. 

I made a mala to wear/use during labor and delivery. I used older beads I've kept over the years from jewelry of past. Rosewood (shields from negative energy), skulls of deer bone (this represents the death of my old identity as I am born into a mother), lapis lazuli (throat chakra; assist in speaking truth, open third eye), turquoise (strengthening stone, good for exhaustion, Tibetans believe it relates prayer to whatever deity is being invoked), Om pendant (the first sound of creation), bells (baby hears them in the womb and again once born. Help to transition.), blue goldstone (master healer, provides courage), quartz crystal (harmonizes all the chakras), Lord Ganesha (The Destroyer Of Obstacles, Bestower Of Success ). I am quite fond of it. 

The Blood Moon was a few nights ago. It was also a full lunar eclipse with great visibility! Mark and I watched from the front yard, and I saw TWO shooting stars during the time we were out there. The next morning I woke to a thick fog rolling over there river. It was lovely. 

And I got a hair cut...I'm growing it extra long so really just a trim. The stylist complimented "the awesome color job" I had to laugh because it is just a three dollar bottle of Sun-In that creates this color. Nice to hear a pro say it looks good though. 

That's it for this trip through the photo roll! Tomorrow we welcome October! My favorite month of the year! 

~ Love & Light ~

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