Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Other Side Of The Dam

Finley River Bridge and Dam.

Penny and I decided to go exploring the other day. Not surprisingly, we ended up down by the old Ozark Mill. Penny was hot on the scent-trail of a gopher ( I decided this because of all of the giant gopher holes everywhere) and I followed along patiently, letting her exercise her natural instinct. When we reached an area of the mill yard that had a "No Trespassing" sign I decided to be mischievous. We ducked under the rope with the attached sign and found ourselves on the forbidden backside of the mill.

Entering the "No Trespassing" area.

Once behind the mill, I was able to see the dam from a view you just can't get unless you are willing to break the rules. It really is a pretty sight. The sound of the rushing water is exhilarating. I tried to capture it in the following video. 

I took a few shots of the area, I would have liked to take more but Penny was having too much fun running around for me to spend a lot of time playing photographer. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Old stones in the water.

A different view of the dam.

I was surprised to see shells all along the river bank and collected a pocket full. I found shells from small mussels, snails, and even a smoothed piece of sea colored glass. After collecting the shells and letting Penny investigate the area a little longer, I decided we'd better move on before local law enforcement stopped by to move us out. On the way home I tried to get a photo of me with the hound but she just cannot sit still.

First try.

Second try.

Shells I collected on the riverbank. 

That wraps up our little adventure. I hope you're out exploring your neck of the woods, wherever you may be! 

~ Love & Light ~

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