Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dust The Cobwebs And Clean Out The Closet

Wow! March really got away from me! I blinked and it was gone. I did, however, have a productive month and the most important thing I accomplished, without a doubt, was cleaning out my closet and dresser. I was serious this year! I went through EVERY article of clothing I own and tried it on. I had a full length mirror propped against the wall and was honest about how long I had had each item and how often I had actually worn it. The entire process took me a day and a half and I think I released over half of my clothes. Most things I donated, a few items I kept to pass on to friends and of course the things I had been dragging around with me for years that no longer fit but that are one of a kind and hold sentimental value, I will pass down to my youngest sister.

Getting organized and cleaning out your closet can be a tough process. You might feel like you really will get back into those skinny jeans you've had since college but wouldn't it be better to let someone else enjoy them who can wear them now? Reward yourself with a new and even better pair once you've reached your goal. Some may think, "But it was so expensive"...or, "it's a designer label"...well, so what? If it never leaves your closet none of that matters. Toss it out and move on. 

Now that I have made out with the old and in with the new, I can focus on bringing in new pieces that reflect the woman I have become...not the younger twenty something I once was. 

I hope all of you are having a nice Spring so far. I think I am most excited about being able to sit outside again to do my writing. Just now I watched a man put up a pretty blue hammock across the river at the park. He is relaxing and watching his dogs play with sticks in the water. One black lab and one yellow lab. A family on a small motor boat heading North toward Lindenlure, I'm sure, passed us by about a half hour ago. A man with a guitar is walking around the park strumming and singing. And of course, the sound of children's laughter as they play on the swings, teens clattering on skateboards, a couple on a blanket sharing a picnic...these are some of the many reasons I enjoy being out here on the upper deck. The magical world that is Chigger Chalet.

~ Love & Light ~

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