Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sage Studio: A New Adventure In Yoga

Change is in the air once again, and I don't mean the weather. After neglecting my yoga practice over the summer months it looks as though the Universe has provided a solution. 

I was really enjoying taking classes with Beth Spindler of Teach to Inspire Yoga Education at MaMa Jean's. The drive into Springfield was a little far for me but her affordable rates made up for what I burned in gas. The other issue I had was that she only had one evening class I could attend and the chance of me hitting a morning class wasn't realistic. I ramped up my home practice and all but quit going to class over the summer. 

At the end of August, Beth announced that in addition to teaching in the community room at  MaMa Jean's, she would start offering several classes and teacher training at Sage Studio starting in September.  True to my experience, the Universe provides when you send out the call. My mother-in-law had recently given me a free yoga class voucher to Sage Studio! I needed no further signs and went on line to see the class schedule

Sage Studio is run by Shane Knox and Grace Rybarczyk. The two of them along with Beth are the current teachers at the studio. I was anxious to try classes with Shane and Grace and see how I liked them. If this was a good fit I might have a studio that is... 1. Closer to my house 2. Offers classes with my favorite teacher 3. Charges the same low rate for unlimited monthly classes as I was paying before 4. Adds variety with several different instructors.

First up was Grace. I went to her Stretch & Relax class this past Monday. It sounded like a nice way to ease back into my practice. The studio itself is clean, peaceful, and a good size. Grace was quiet, gentle, and grounding. Her class was a little more challenging than I expected (based on its name) but then again I am rusty right now. I enjoyed the class and was ready to try one of Shane's. 

Shane's class last night was a lot of fun! It was a Basics class but still challenging. Shane seems to be the Yang to Grace's Yin. He is loud, humorous, and energetic. I am just making these assumptions based off of one encounter, of course. He played fun upbeat music and talked about the importance of community amongst yoga practitioners. Needless to say, I am super dee dooper happy about having a new studio to practice at! 

Sage Studio
Inside Triad Wellness Center
1440 E. Lark St, Ste F
Springfield, MO 65804

~ Love & Light ~

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