Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Open Heart Date

Art by Pamela Jaeger

After much waiting, I finally have a date for my heart surgery. September 15th. So yes, still more waiting. Right now I have the robotic surgery room reserved at the Cleveland Clinic, and if all of my pre-op tests check out, they will go ahead and perform minimally invasive robotically assisted open heart surgery that morning. Let's hope those tests go well and I get the robot...if you have to have heart surgery, it is the least awful recovery time (6-8 weeks).

I think I will probably do a few more posts on this blog concerning my heart surgery experience before I create a new site. It's been so much fun here on No Place Like Home, but I'm ready to focus more on the magical, witchy side of my life and less on the geographical location we live in. So, check back if you care to know how my surgery goes, and to find out where my next blog will be; and as always, thank you for stopping by and reading! 

~ Love & Light ~

P.S.  How perfect is the artwork with the Fox looking on? 😀