Wednesday, July 29, 2015

It's Starting To Look Like A Nursery

I thought about waiting until the room was complete before I shared any photos, but since this is the most exciting thing happening here at Chigger Chalet during July, I'm going to do a progress update.

The tiny room that is now the nursery was originally our guest room. It is the smallest room in the house and should be just enough room for the smallest person in the family.

After painting the walls, the first step was to apply the wall decals. We ordered them from an artist in Limerick, Ireland and after waiting for them to cross the Atlantic to arrive at our door, we had to practice more patience. The instructions warned that new paint should be allowed to dry for at least three weeks before the decals are applied. So, we waited for two more weeks...then finally!

Mark cutting the decals.

The first tree is up!

The process wasn't hard but very time consuming!

After several hours, we finish! 

I love the forest decals! They look even better in person than the photos show. Mark did the hard work while I enjoyed putting leaves, flowers, and birds on the lower branches. 

Next in line was furniture. Once again, Mark did all the work while I sat back and directed where I would like things placed in the room. 

He assembled the crib first and I draped the quilt we bought months ago over the side. The quilt is the inspiration for the entire room.

The crib.

The quilt. 

Woodland birds.

Then he put together the changing station...

Dirty bum station.

And finally the dresser...

A wee dresser.

I still have artwork, wall shelves, a glider rocker, crib bedding, etc. that will need to go in, but with the walls complete and the furniture up, it really feels like a nursery now! I find myself in this room multiple times a day, imagining the precious moments that will take place here very soon. 

~ Love & Light ~

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