Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Happiest Place On Earth

Tomorrow we leave for Disney World and Universal Orlando. I'm seriously excited to go play at the happiest place on earth with Mark! Right now I'm packing for the trip, but I took a break to get a little post up before we go.

This week Mark painted my bathroom and I redecorated it. It's a totally new space!

Frilly new shower curtain.

I bought a print from the antique store across the street for a dollar and had it framed at Hobby Lobby. I think it turned out beautifully.

Angel With Soap Bubble And Straw (19th c.)

New willow basket for hand towels.

The new wall color is called Romance and is an HGTV color. I like the way it looks with the vintage foam green fixtures.

Ok, I didn't take the best shots of the wall can see it, right?

So, that is my latest indoor project. Let's see what has been going on outside...

The lemon balm and monarda we planted last year are doing wonderfully. I want to add more herbs to fill this bed out this summer.

The herb garden. 

The honeysuckle bush bloomed this week. It kind of looks like Cousin It, but it smells heavenly! (and a family of cute bunnies live under it).

The honeysuckle bush.

These pictures...ugh. Anyway, I planted the lantana I wintered over next to the dianthus in the flower bed...but you can't really see them in this shot.

The flower bed.

The spring planters are looking good. We have had such a lovely, rainy, mild May and I haven't had to water anything yet!

Spring planters.

The hostas we planted in the shade garden last year are back and they look even healthier this year!   

Hosta shade garden.

The tomato plants are in the ground now. We have a Gypsy and a Beefsteak given to us from Cynarra and a third volunteer that will be a surprise! I hope it's a cherry tomato!

Tomato bed.

The Gypsy.

That's the scoop, folks! I'm also really excited to announce the project I have been working on and will be doing that when we return from vacation! I can't wait to clue you in!

~ Love & Light ~

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