Monday, July 22, 2013

High Speed Police Chase Comes Through Oz

Okay, so this past Friday night Mark's brother, Phil, and his best friend, Michael (aka Yenzel) came over for a visit. We watched a little Walking Dead, had a few drinks, and listened to rap/hip-hop stations on Pandora (dancing and chest bumping may or may not have been involved). Around 12:30 am Phil decided he should probably head home. We said our goodbyes and Mark, Yenzel, and I resumed our dance fest. Okay, so really the guys resumed to dance and I sat on the couch and opened up Tumblr. Phil hadn't been out of the door for more than 30 seconds and I see flashing police lights through the front door window. We live on a dead end street so it didn't make sense for cops to come this way unless something had happened to a neighbor, like a break in. The thing is I saw A LOT of police car lights, not just one car. The fear hit me that Phil could have pulled out of the driveway into whatever it was that was going on and this is what happened...

Phil took the video from his car, if you couldn't tell from watching. We are really thankful he wasn't hurt. He was pulling up to the street from our driveway when the people being chased (they were in a Durango) flew by followed by the cops. The Durango then turned around in our neighbor's yard (he must have realized that he had gone down a dead end street) and that is when Phil grabbed his phone and started recording. According to local news, the chase started in Nixa, came through Oz, and ended in Springfield. One source says the chase lasted 60 minutes, reaching speeds of 110 mph, until the police used spike strips to stop the vehicle. The people driving the Durango had Mississippi plates and warrants for their arrest. At one point the passenger door opened and they tossed a puppy out of the car! A PUPPY!? You can get the full story here.

There you have it! It certainly wasn't the norm for our neck of the woods but it was another exciting night at Chigger Chalet!

~ Love & Light ~


  1. Sorry about that. I was told my Durango had the horsepower to outrun any police cruiser. Oh well. I'll slow down next time.

  2. Okay...but how do you explain the puppy? ;)