Friday, February 1, 2013

Warm, Fuzzy, Lovie, February!

February is here and we kick off the month with Imbolc (Feb. 2nd), a day that we celebrate the passing of winter and prepare for Spring. We had a light sprinkling of snow two nights ago here in Oz and the fireplace is still burning bright, it may seem that Spring is far off still. But we can see that the days are getting longer and the shifting map of stars in the night sky assure us that the warmer days are nearing.

 I always think first of February as African American history month, but it is also known as American Heart month, and Children's Dental Health month, just to name a few. Some of us will also acknowledge St. Valentine's Day on the 14th. February is short and sweet...(speaking of sweet, can somebody PLEASE make me this cake!) and before we can say "Life is like a box of chocolates" it will be time to start the yard work and tend to the gardens. So I think I will enjoy this last month of chilly weather and snuggling indoors while remembering that what you put out is what you get back, so why not begin with LOVE.

~Love & Light~

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