Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Adventuring In Ireland

We returned from Ireland shortly after midnight on Monday, a day late and glad to be home. We were stranded in Canada the day before after missing our connecting flight to Chicago. Our Air Canada flight had mechanical issues that set us back by three hours; screwing up the delicate balance of our journey home. But here we are. We finally made it!

I haven't had time to publish our photo album to Facebook or Instagram yet, but I wanted to share just a few of the captures from our adventure...

We landed in Dublin and spent a few days there. Most of our time was spent in the Temple Bar district.

Street view in Dublin.

I took a class at Samadhi Yoga on the second day of our stay. The studio was tiny and we were crammed in like sardines! The class was great though, and our instructor Maggie was awesome. Listening to her guide the class for an hour with her Irish accent was super fun! 

Leanne & Maggie at Samadhi Yoga in Dublin.

The country was our next destination, so we rented a car and hit the road. Our first stop was a well in Carlow that has an "Eye Cure" spell on it. The Tobar Cranavan Well. There are hundreds of Holy Wells in Ireland. Many are said to have curing powers and some are said to control the weather. The stone wall surrounding this particular well had bodies buried in it long, long ago. In the video below, we are anointing our eyes with the well water. 

After a lovely day touring the country we reached our destination in Kells, right outside of Kilkenny. Our home for the next two nights was a 266 year old cottage with a thatched roof!

Our cottage in Kells.

I took a yoga class at The Kilkenny School Of Yoga. The instructors name was Toby and I'm really glad I made it to his class. We had a hard time finding the studio and I skated in right before the doors closed. 

Leanne and Toby at Kilkenny School Of Yoga

Mark and I LOVED Kilkenny! Much smaller than Dublin but with all the city amenities. While we were there we visited Kilkenny Castle, of course.

Kilkenny Castle.

During the Kilkenny/Kells leg of our journey we saw medieval castles, priories, cemeteries, bridges and other ruins. It was spectacular! 

Mark and I at Jerpoint Abbey (founded in the 12th century).

Visiting the Celtic Sea was in order during the journey so our next home was a cabin on Oysterhaven Bay in Kinsale. 

Our cabin in Kinsale.

My favorite artist, Tori Amos, keeps a home in Kinsale. Several of her albums have been written here. It was surreal listening to her music while looking out at the very place that inspired them.

View from the cabin.

Kinsale is a small seaside town with all the charm you could hope for. Known for its amazing seafood  and fantastic views; I fell in love with Kinsale right away.

Street view in Kinsale.

We ended our adventure in Killarney at the Muckross Park Hotel in the Killarney National Forest. 

Muckross Park Hotel.

Here we played in the Killarney National Forest and were literally blown away by the beauty! 

Muckross Lake.

Sheep run around everywhere in Ireland! 

Sheep in Killarney National Forest.

Kissing in Killarney!

I even found a lake named after me! Lough Leane means "lake of learning". 

Leanne at Lough Leane.

Ross Castle sits on Lough Leane. 

Mark at Ross Castle.

Before we knew it, we had to say goodbye to Ireland. I am forever changed and so grateful we made this journey together. 

Farewell, Ireland!

Over the next few weeks, I will be working on putting our travel photo album together. If you are interested in seeing more from our trip you can follow along on Instagram or if we are Facebook friends, I will be posting an album there as well! 

~ Love & Light ~ 

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