Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time Flies When You're In Love

Eureka Springs, AR. February 2013

It was this time last year that Mark and I moved back to the Ozarks and made Chigger Chalet our home. We have done so much in one year but it is still hard to believe that so much time has passed. We have watched the Finley River change through all of the seasons, from green and full of lily pads and bullfrogs in the summer to crystal clear and sometimes frozen in the winter. We have celebrated all of the holidays and our loved ones birthdays. We grow closer to one another with each passing day as we learn more about each other.

Springfield, MO. Summer 2012

My hair has changed colors and Mark's has changed length. Penny has grown from a tiny puppy into a well behaved hound dog. 

Mark and Penny 2012

We've traveled to England and France, took a road trip to California and had adventures in Arkansas and here in Missouri.

Los Angeles 2012

Laguna Niguel, CA summer 2012

England October 2012

We have gotten to know each others' families and friends and have reconnected with the town we grew up in. It has been an exciting year and at the same time very peaceful. Our sense of adventure led us to consider loading up in an RV when our lease is up at Chigger Chalet. A few carefree years on the road discovering America together. And we will...someday. For now we are happy to be home. Home in Oz.

May 2013

~ Love & Light ~

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